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      New Wood Cook Stoves

      TOAC Shop - Most Everything for Your Antique Stove...

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      Stove Mica Isinglass


      Stove Mica - Isinglass

      Oval Stove Pipe









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      Chambers Manuals

      Safety Systems

      Wood Cook Stoves Wood Cooking - Heating Stoves
      Wood Fired Canner - Cooker Wood Water Heater
      Online Store

      Kitchen Queen Wood Cook Stove
      Grand Cook Stove
      Margin Wood Cook Stoves
      Baker's Oven Wood Cook Stove
      Ashland Wood Cook Stove



      The Grand Comfort 750 from

      Kitchen Queen

       Wood Cook Stove

      Built in Heat Shields

      Laser Cut Precision

      2 Year Warranty

      mini flag


      Kitchen Queen 550




      2 Year Warranty

      Laser Cut Precision

      Built in Heat Shields

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      Kitchen Queen 480 Wood Cook Stoves

      Kitchen Queen, Kitchen Queen  Cookstove,wood Cook stove, wood cooking stove

       New Amish Made 

      mini flag

      The largest firebox of any modern wood cooking - heating stove.

      A great off grid wood cook stove





      Gem Pack Wood Cook Stove

      Gem Pac wood cook stove


      Pioneer Maid Wood Cook Stove

      Pioneer Maid, Pioneer Maid Wood cook stove

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      Flame View Heater Model

      Margin Flame View Heater, Wood Stove


      Pioneer Maid Bakers Choice Wood Cook Stove

      Bakers Choice, Baker's Choice wood cook stove

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      Baker's Oven Wood Cook Stove

      Bakers Oven, Wood Cooking and Heating Stove,



      Margin Gem Wood Cook Stove

      Margin Gem wood cook stove Heating capacity of 1750 square feet or more


      Flame View Wood Cook Stove

      Flame view, wood cook stove,Heating capacity of 2,000 square feet or more

      Deva  Cast Iron

      Wood Cook Stove

      Deva Wood Cook Stove, Cast Iron Wood Cook Stove

      Grand Wood Cook Stove

      New Amish Made 

      Large Firebox







      mini flag

      Wood Fired Indoor Boilers

      Amish Made

      5 Year Warranty

      Wood Fired Indoor boilers

      Mini American Flag with text Made in the USA:

      Several Models to Choose from Click Here

      Wood and Coal Furnaces

        High Efficiency

      All 76% - 87% or more efficient  

      Wood fired indoor furnace, High Efficiency

       Mini American Flag with text Made in the USA:

       All Amish Made

       5 Year Warranty

       Several Models to Choose from Click Here


      Pioneer Princess Wood Cook Stove

      Pioneer Princess wood cook stove, Wood Cook stove

      mini flag


      Wood Fired Canner Cookers

      wood fired canner cooker, water bath

      mini flag

      Amish Made

      Wood Fired Canner Cookers

      Made of Stainless Steel


      Meal Master 

       Wood Cook Stove

      Knox Mealmaster cook stove, wood/coal stove,wood cook stove

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      Ashland New Decade Wood Cook Stove

      Ashland Cook Stove, Ashland wood cook stove, Amish wood cook stove,wood coal cook stove

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      Ashland Wood Cook Stove

      Ashland Cook Stove, Ashland wood cook stove, Amish wood cook stove,wood coal cook stove

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      Coal Stoves - Amish Made

      A hopper fed coal stove that does not take electricty of blowers!

      mini flag

      A hopper fed coal stove

      Uses no electricity or blowers!


      They come in several sizes

       Click Here to View

      Wood Fired Water Heater

      Stainless Steel

      Wood fired water heater,

      mini flag

      Designed to Heat Domestic Water



      Range Boiler's

      mini flagRange Boilers, range boiler, off grid water heating

      Vaughn’s Range Boiler combines Hydrastone, the most effective method of preventing corrosion, with all bronze tappings. Vaughns stone lined range boilers provide the advantage of long tank life at a surprisingly low price.

      For more information Click Here

      How to install and use a Range boiler

      Heco Wood Cook stoves

      Heco Wood Cook Stoves

      The Heco model 2000 wood cook stove

      Heco Wood Cook stoves

      Heco Wood Cook Stoves 420

      The Heco model 420 wood cook stove

      Heco Wood Cook stoves

      Heco Wood Cook Stoves 520

      The Heco model 520 wood cook stove




      Fire Flue Water Heater

      Fire Flue water heater



      Designed to Heat Domestic Water

      Stainless Steel

      For More information Click Here

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      5 Qt stainless tea kettle - Linde, wood stove tea kettle

      Stainless Tea Kettles

      for your wood stove




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