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      Here is a Brief History of Cast Iron Stoves in America


      Eighteenth Century American Stove Making

      At about 1728, cast iron stoves really began to be made in quantity. These first stoves of German design, are called  Five-plate or Jamb stoves.

       hist2.jpg (22463 bytes)


      By the 1740's, six-plate stoves, also called close stoves were being made.

      hist3.jpg (22988 bytes)

      In 1740, Benjamin Franklin improved upon the design of stoves by creating the "Pennsylvania Fireplace"

       frk1.jpg (63001 bytes)


      Around 1760, ten-plate stoves, similar to, but larger than, six-plate stoves were made having four more plates that form a oven and two hinged doors. Opening on either side, smoke passed around the ends of the oven and out a pipe. This is the likely genesis of all cook stoves.

      tenplt.jpg (22357 bytes)


      The manufacture of cook stoves and ranges flourished during the latter half of the nineteenth century, as few houses were built with fireplaces.

      As early as 1820's the Step-top cook stove design was seen.

      step side.jpg (32591 bytes) step oven open 1.jpg (32848 bytes) step front.jpg (26759 bytes)

      Six-plate stoves made in the nineteenth century were commonly called box stoves. They are similar in design to the six-plate stoves of the eighteenth century, but are lighter and more finely cast  because of advancements in technology.

      1839 SHIP STOVE.jpg (10214 bytes)

      1839 FRONT.jpg (9855 bytes)

      fountain stove side view.jpg (52437 bytes)

      1849.jpg (45423 bytes)

      1839 Box stove 

      1849 Fountain stove

      1849 Box stove

      1870 BOX.jpg (11059 bytes)

      hunter1.jpg (13409 bytes)

      hunt2.jpg (153347 bytes)

      1870 Box stove

      "Big Picture" 

      1849 Hunt stove

      36" High

      36" Wide

      23" Deep

      Early Franklin  

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