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      Stove Mica Isinglass


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      THE GRAND COMFORT by Kitchen Queen

      Kitchen Queen  Cookstoves, Amish made, wood cooking, wood heating, cook stove, cookstove, cookstoves, kitchen queen,


       #1 at 88% Efficiency

      The Grand Comfort by Kitchen Queen

      2 Year Warranty

      Laser Cut Precision

      Built in Heat Shields

      Thermostat Control

      Made in USA



      made in usa

      The Grand Comfort by Kitchen Queen is 88% Efficient.

      It has been designed and tested with economy, efficiency , and beauty in mind.

      Grand Comfort features:

      2 Year Warranty Laser Cut Precision Built in Heat Shields
      Thermostat Control Double Re Burn Firebox Large Oven
      Large 24 Gallon Reservoir All Controls and Clean outs on front side Standard 6 Inch Flue
      Porcelain Enamel oven liner. Smooth one-piece top with 10 Inch lids

      Heavy Duty Hinges

      2 Year Warranty

      Built by Amish craftsmen to such high standards of quality the Grand Comfort will give years of home warming service.

      Made in the USA and Eco Friendly.

      Easy to use and easy to clean.

      Classic design and laser cut lines and curves - make the stove attractive.

      The Grand Comfort has a 2 Year warranty backed by decades of stove making experience from Kitchen Queen a company with thousands of stoves built and thousands of happy customers.

      The result of over 5 years of design engineering and decades of experience.

      Laser Cut Precision
      Built in Heat Shields

      Thermostat Control

      Double Re Burn


      Large Oven with

      Removable Bottom for

      easy cleaning

      Heavy Duty Oven


      Large 24 Gallon


      Water tap can fit

      either side

      All Controls and

      Clean outs on front


      Smooth one-piece top

      with 10 Inch lids

      Floor Protection:

      The stove must be set on a non-combustible material

      Only Type 1 (ember) floor protector standard UL1618 for USA or approved to the local codes R-Value =0


      *6 inches *







      Grand Comfort
      Overall size  53" L x 32" W x 32" H
      Cooking surface 43" x 21"
      Warming shelf 9" x 45"
      Back 45" W x 23" H
      Oven 16" W x 14" H x 22" D
      Oven capacity  8 loaves
      Firebox 17.5" W x 16" H x 20.5" D
      Log Length 19"
      Firebox door 14" x 16"
      Approx. burn time 12 to 16 hours
      Approx. heating area 1500 to 3000 sq. ft
      Flue outlet size 6 inches
      Reservoir capacity 24 gallons
      Shipping weight 800 lbs. 
      UL Listing 1482



      Shipping is additional
      For your own price quote, please call us at (517)767-3606 or send us an e-mail.

      Please let us know;

      1. The stove model you would like.
      2. The state and zip code you would like it shipped to.

      Please Email Here for Grand Comfort Questions





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      We don't do it! 

       We are not psychic.

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      For Questions:

      Please Call

      Monday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm est. 

      (517) 767-3606

      Antique Stoves, 410 Fleming Rd., Tekonsha, Michigan 49092


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