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      The Old Appliance Club

      The Old Appliance Club SHOP

      PARTS, SERVICE, INFORMATION for Antique Stoves

      Contact: TOAC@sbcglobal.net or, (805) 643-3532, M to F, 8-5 pst  

      Sponsored by J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. and ... People Like You, who Love Old Appliances

      How to























       Factory Manual 

      'C'             Click for 'A' and 'B' Manual page.




      Thermostats and Gong Timers

      Conversion Charts -Gas / Propane

      ALL Adjustments

      Cleaning Instructions


      Dampers, Doors and Valves

      Broiler and Griddle

      Orifice Sizes

      Pilot and Burner Data

      Dismantling and Assembling

      Broiler Box Assembly

      Recommended Tools

      All Parts Chart

                ... and Much More

      Chambers Model "C" Book


      Complete Updated Edition - 41 pages

      Re-mastered  for Professional Use  by J.E.S. Enterprises

      Jam Packed with Easy-to-Use Service Information - Quick Fixes and Tips

      Nat'l Gas <> Propane Changes

       Laser Quality - Sharp Images and Text - Waterproof Covers

      - Spiral Bound for Easy Use -

       BEST Time and Money Saving Manual a Chambers Owner Can Buy

      ALL FOR ONLY $47.00


      Model 'C' tag will be under the right front burner.

      The  model 'C' has a TIMER next to the oven dial on the front of the stove.

      For Chambers 'B' look inside the service cabinet door

      on the well for the model type before ordering.


      E-mail a picture to toac@sbcglobal.net to be sure if you are uncertain.

      'C' Model Manual


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      Questions: email with a picture to toac@sbcglobal.net  or  Call 805-643-3532




      New !   CHAMBERS 'C' Safety Systems 

          Is Your Chambers Stove Up To Code and Safe ?

      Has your Chambers range been “red-tagged” and put out of commission because it lacks a safety system? Did you purchase a vintage stove for use in your kitchen only to get it “knocked-down” because it failed to meet code? If so, please read further for an explanation of why you should be concerned and a solution.

       Most early to mid-century stoves were manufactured without safety systems simply because they were not in existence. Ovens were manually lit with a match. Unfortunately, through misuse this caused a great deal of accidents -- even deaths.


       How could this happen? It doesn’t take much. You turn on the oven, then suddenly something as simple as a phone or door bell ringing pulls your attention away from manually lighting the oven. With the gas valve fully turned on, ‘raw’ gas rapidly fills the closed oven cavity. In short order you can imagine what can happen if just one spark – even from a light switch – can do when gas meets an ignition point.


       Today, with the vast increase of enthusiasts purchasing and installing vintage stoves in their homes, everyone should be aware that gas ranges must be up to code and safe!

       By adding a safety system into your stove, you will have the following benefits: 


      1. Standing Pilot – With the addition of a standing pilot for oven ignition, the need to use a match to manually light the oven is eliminated. If the pilot blows out due to a gust of wind or for any reason at all, the main flow of gas traveling into the oven will be cut off immediately.

      2. Safety Valve – The safety valve works as a guardian to permit or restrict raw gas from reaching its final destination point or ignition.  If the pilot is “blown out” or diminishes due to a lack of gas pressure, a signal, carried by a sensor that leads to the safety valve, hits a “red alert” that automatically shuts down the flow of fuel to the oven.

      This device can save your home and your life! Not many Chambers ranges have this unit installed. Due to hundreds of letters that we have received in regard to this problem, we felt the need to make an 

      arrangement to professionally fabricate the correct system for your stove.

       Installation can be made by a local stove service tech, or appliance repairman, or mechanically trained individual. Everything is included in the package to install the system correctly.

       Currently we are making systems for ALL models of Chambers stoves and

      manufacturers going back to the 20s. 

      If you have another model or further questions on the approximate cost, please e-mail us at toac@sbcglobal.net.

       Don’t take a chance…get your Chambers Safety System and 

      be up to code, up to date and safe today!


      More Chambers Items !


       Chambers Guides - 40s-50s Idle Hour TO SAVE GAS ! 

      or,  the 20s 30s Chambers Fireless


      The Old Road Home Fall 1997 Issue

      Featuring the Fascinating

      History of the Chambers Range


      Don't Miss the pictures in the Chambers Feature - Large, Medium and Small in 

      The Old Road Home, Winter 2001 Edition


      Click on 'Chambers' at the top of the page   NEW STOVE PARTS




      Call (805) 643-3532  or 

      Email  TOAC@sbcglobal.net  for Assistance.

      TOAC Shop ... Parts, Services & Information for Antique Stoves

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      Parts, Service, Information ... Antique Stove Preservation.

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