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      The Old Appliance Club

      The Old Appliance Club SHOP

      PARTS, SERVICE, INFORMATION for Antique Stoves

      Contact: TOAC@sbcglobal.net or, (805) 643-3532, M to F, 8-5 pst  

      Sponsored by J.E.S. Enterprises, Inc. and ... People Like You, who Love Old Appliances

      How to























      For Immediate Release

      November 7, 2002 

      Antique Stove Virtual Service Call?span style="mso-spacerun: yes">   


      The Old Appliance Club

      P.O. Box 65

      Ventura, California 93002





      Antique Stove Virtual Service Call?a revolutionary new service created for vintage stove owners seeking technical assistance, has been created by Jack Santoro, antique stove restoration pioneer, author, historian and founder of 

      The Old Appliance Club.


      According to Santoro, the biggest problem associated with antique stove and appliance ownership has always been the lack of knowledgeable repair and parts services on a local level. Without these two basic ingredients, a malfunctioning older stove or appliance is almost certainly doomed. Santoro believes he has finally solved this dilemma for thousands of old stove owners.


      I am introducing what I feel is the most significant  missing link?in the old stove and appliance field. I call it

       ?b> Antique Stove Virtual Service Call??high-tech solutions for low-tech equipment. 

      By utilizing the new technology of a web cam, camcorder, or digital camera, plus Internet access, a professional ?i>Virtual Service Call?on your old stove is possible no matter where you live on the planet. All we need is a clear description of the problem and to see the equipment. We can work with the consumer or, if they prefer, a local tech of their choice. Its that simple.?nbsp;

      ? Jack Santoro


      The process begins with the consumer detailing the problem they are experiencing by sending an e-mail query to: toac@sbcglobal.net or by calling 805-643-3532. All services are flat-fee based to be cost effective. There is no charge for a preliminary evaluation. If no known solution is available the consumer will be notified.


      For over three decades Santoro has dedicated his focus on developing unique antique stove services, products, How To manuals, and building the largest organization in the world for old appliance owners, The Old Appliance Club www.theoldapplianceclub.net/toac. Santoro sees his cyber-restoration and repair concept to spread accommodating every style of antique appliance in the very near future.


      Jack Santoro is the editor of The Old Road Home vintage appliance magazine and founder of The Old Appliance Club. He is commonly acknowledged as a leading antique stove expert in America. Since the early 70s Santoro has been interviewed over 800 times on the topic of major antique appliances in American kitchens. He has served as a consultant to PBS - The History Channel The History of Household Wonders, various museums and historical institutions throughout North America, including the Smithsonian in Washington.

      To learn more about The Old Appliance Club please see: http://www.www.rentai52.cn/toac/about.htm


      For interview listing please see: http://www.www.rentai52.cn/toac/interviews.htm



      Call (805) 643-3532  or 

      Email  TOAC@sbcglobal.net  for Assistance.

      TOAC Shop ... Parts, Services & Information for Antique Stoves

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      Not liable or responsible for any damage or delays due to shipper.

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      We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service or orders to anyone for

      any reason not prohibited by law without explanation.


      Not responsible for ANY parts or orders left after 30 days including parts sent back for examination or service. You must stay in contact with us for your part.


      Prices subject to change without notice.


      Parts, Service, Information ... Antique Stove Preservation.

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